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Wednesday, October 9, 12222

Special Sections. Venus Transformation Oct. Planetary Hecklers and Provocateurs Oct. Pluto Turns Around Oct. Pluto Challenges Perspective Oct. An Obligatory Lunar Warning Sep. Saturn's Last Retro Day Sep. Planetary Traffic Jam Sep. Trine of Avoiding Trouble Sep. Martian Trine to Uranus Aug.

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The Sound of Cosmic Silence Aug. Leo Sun's Last Day Aug.

Messangger 12 Zodiac October

Venus Enters Virgo Aug. Cosmic Cat Vs. Bull Aug. Mars and Pluto Skywrite Jul.

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The Cosmic Conundrum of Retrogrades Jul. Neptune's Thoughts on Thoughts Jul. Tension in the Cosmic Narrative Jul. Identity and the Summer Soltice Jun. Mercury and Pluto Argue Jun. Drop the impossible schedule that's causing you stress and start from scratch. If you take half of the activities off the slate for next week, you'll be in much better emotional and physical balance.

The planet Uranus has many original features, like his orbit. Unlike "the other planets" top-spinners Uranus' erratic motion looks more like a ball rolling — sideways. Likewise, the planet symbolizes our own need for originality, freedom to do our own thing, and humanity's impulse to meaningfully evolve and change. Marching to the beat of a different drummer, Uranus' influence on us earthlings commonly elicits reactions, behaviors and events that defy common human sense.

Ah, you're being logic-liberated! Like the other trans-personal planets Neptune, Pluto , Uranus' "goal" is to move us beyond the personal, familial and social forces that shape personality, to progressively move us up the food chain — to the larger human family.

Moving retrograde, this mover-and-shaker energy may temporarily get louder before going quiet, though it's hard to say, as Uranus is utterly unpredictable. Many folks will be quietly re-evaluating a new direction during this period; for just as progress is an outworking of inner changes, revolution starts from within.

Meryl: sobbing. Meryl: coldly calculating.

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Perhaps no dramatic actor has more power to appeal to our emotions than this moon-ruled sign. Her moon in Taurus modifies the more thin-skinned tendencies of her sun sign. There's drama, but observe how comfortably at ease she is in her emotional skin. Holiday Mathis is the author of "Rock Your Stars.

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Rare Opposition Calls for Kindness, by Holiday Mathis | Creators Syndicate

View Comments. Writer and mother Annie Lane writes in a voice that's sympathetic, funny and firm, offering common-sense solutions to life's dilemmas. Check It Out! You've heard what you give away comes back to you, but the getting back doesn't concern you. It's the giving. It happens so naturally you don't even realize you've done it. If it's no longer yours, you don't have to maintain it. Your inner motivator needs a kick-start. Turn up the volume — as in listen to an enthusiastic speaker or read a human potential book. Aren't you curious about your potential?

By identifying what you want — and what you don't want — you have more control over what happens next in your career. Staying in one work situation for the rest of your life is old-fashioned. Having options is where it's at. LEO July Aug. If your whole life can't be boxed and organized into a neat plastic cubby, that's fabulous. You turn out far better work when everything's messy. With a few balls juggling in the air, life is ecstatically delightful. You're poised for the launch of a lifetime. The past is a memory you draw on for wisdom; the future, loving arms embracing your aims.

Give all your energy to a personal goal in May, and the financial rewards are huge. You're dreaming of an epic romance all summer. A Pisces person is a wise coach. A Gemini person is a partner in adventure. Your lucky numbers are: 32, 9, 3, 23 and When something is over, it's over.

You can either ignore or honor that. Letting go isn't easy, but having a going-away party is. Perform a ritual for the bucket that's about to get kicked.

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The best thing you can do for another is to put your full faith in them.

creators syndicate horoscope Creators syndicate horoscope
creators syndicate horoscope Creators syndicate horoscope
creators syndicate horoscope Creators syndicate horoscope
creators syndicate horoscope Creators syndicate horoscope
creators syndicate horoscope Creators syndicate horoscope
creators syndicate horoscope Creators syndicate horoscope
creators syndicate horoscope Creators syndicate horoscope

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