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Most of our relationships are according to planetary affinities. Most of our actions are governed by the nature of the planet that dominates our celestial blue print and karmic template.

Once we understand the meaning and nature of the planetary attributes we can make more intelligent choices participating in, and more fully comprehend the possibilities of this precious human life by raising our frequency as beings of Love. Numerology and astrology within the context of evolutionary healing practices will be studied in depth.

The course is balanced between theory and practice of the Vedic tradition. Kindly contact us before enrolling to ensure there is space. Request an application form and a free skype session for more specific information. No refund. Class limited to a small group to ensure full individual attention. Book early and provide all birth details as the mountainous location where I am staying does not have a cyber connection, hallelujah! This weekend provides a summary of all facets learned to date, as well as concentrates on the daily cycle, and the yearly karmic cycle. Here we will examine the planetary agents pointing us to when you might move, get a new job, marry, conceive a child, or have a period of bad luck, divorce, loss, death, and all else that the human psyche resists.

The main focus will be an in-depth examination of the relationship and characteristics of the numerological data, how the planetary friends and enemies relate, and what specific attributes they display. We will cover the numbers of exaltation, and the peak years, as well as the karmic retributions and the suggested upayas to overcome those obstacles presented by the mind mesh. Body chemistry and ayurvedic specifics relating to the odd and even numbers re acid or alkaline constitution will be given attention.

Numerology : the number 7 personality (if you're born on the 7, 16 or 25)

A variety of charts and handouts will support the rich tapestry of completing the three levels of the Vedic numerology education. Subsequently one feels inspired and motivated to open oneself fully to the precise workings of the universe at large and become a heartful co-creator-creatrix in the cosmic leela. Vegetarian Lunch Provided. You're invited for a few hours of the day, in which case if you help from start to end, I will offer you a Numerology Reading in exchange.

Birthday Number 30

Thank you for considering helping this senior, surrounded by year old venerable mapple trees with massive leaves. This week will give us the divinatory tools to work with the entire birth data of an individual participant as well as the compatibility of planetary relationships. This is a way to gain deeper insight as to how your birth data, day, month and year, reveal your entire karmic history and destiny.

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The chanting of the appropriate remedial mantras and the ayurvedic upayas constitute another aspect of the Numerology unfolded. Even if the workshop does not yet show up on their wwwsite, you may book your stay by contacting Registration at - Sivananda Bahamas Yoga.

Enjoy a yoga vacation health holiday, yoga practise 2x day, sattvic food, the ocean and ambiance of one of the words most highly regarded yoga retreat centers. This will be a stimulating day engaging each participants to see their life journey in a new light. The basic construct of a chart, the planets, lords, houses, significators and relationships by aspect and how all that all plays out in ones life. The cycles of our life stages according to the fructifying of our karma at a designated time frame and the subsequent manifestations. The remedial measures prescribed though the ancient tradition of the yoga of the planets.

This day will inspire and consolidate the curiosity, intuition and experience that is present in everyone's life map and provides clear evolutionary direction. Dive right in - the water is fine! A day long immersion studying your chart, accurate birth time together with a Vedic sidereal chart only requirement. Study the basics of Ayurveda, the mother of all healing, by participating in a hands on healing cuisine workshop, where you will prepare and sample the foods. Perfect for the change of seasons!

E-mail devi ompalace. Space limited. I am inviting you to join me in becoming a Metaphysician, a Faith healer and conduit for streaming your highest and best intentions into your reality, society and the collective karma unfolding. Contact me AFTER reading the book THE POWER OF EIGHT so we can have a fruitful dialogue and establish if you are truly ready to change and open to working with subtle shifts that lead to personal mastery benefiting yourself, the collective and the universal choreography by the purity and heart of your intentions to make a difference and to heal the fragmented vibrational grid of humanity.

To become who you really are: Compassion in Action. You want to utilize your intuitive powers of compassion to help heal so we may all evolve in community as a family of intention to live in the highest and best vibration. Imagine fully and truly stepping into the right vibration to match the reality you want to create. In these weekly sessions you will learn to receive and send intentional vibrational healing energy as a means of self-treatment, treatment for others, clearing of space and long-distance healing to people, places and things as needed.

Vedic Numerology Analysis

Kindly share widely. As soon as we have a minimum of eight committed people date, time and location will be determined. Thank you! Learn about the planetary influences and reasons for projecting fear through shadowboxing, energy darts vs hearts , anger, avarice, doubt, depression, arrogance and all kinds of other unpleasant disempowering and ultimately violent conduct, by understanding the deeper significance of your birth chart, transits and progression.

The main focus in our energy exchange will be the exploration of the Divine Mother consciousness and Her need to re-emerge in our collective and individual psyche. The ecstatic and benevolent guidance of the Mother of the Universe is our only hope.

January 18 Zodiac is Capricorn - Full Horoscope Personality

Our beacon of Light, our solace, comfort and direction. Whatever our station of awareness we need to re- engage visions of KALI dancing powerfully in our world today. It is comforting and important to remember that this beautiful, uncontainable sword yielding Goddess, Who destroys what needs to be destroyed, simultaneously nurtures what is real in us. In the Tantric tradition we never lose sight of the eternal balance of creation and destruction.

KALI wants to take us beyond our conventional world into the boundless, non-dual mystery and beyond our story and current attachments. As a brilliant explosion of the Great Mystery in the abode of the Absolute we need to overcome the terror of our ego bound existence and unite this energy into ourselves making the leap into boundlessness.

Scholars and Historians everywhere are now unearthing evidence in every tradition, memories of a powerful female Deity, both creator and destroyer, fearsome and nurturing, beautiful and limitless. The effect of this recognition and its spreading through Collective Consciousness is bound to be revolutionary. The Divine Mother is the key in every chart to the missing part of our Being. She represents a force beyond polarity and beyond connection which resonates with a mystery of life that has long been suppressed.

Not only in our psyches but in the historic manifestation of the modern era that has made our experience of life unbalanced and incomplete. Issues of endless longing, disturbed cellular integrity, and how we tend to not give our full attention to the present moment, the truth of the Here and Now. The mind is habituated in a constant current of thoughts and images careening from past to future.

We want to go beyond the mind to observe the pure awareness that connects us to our Divine Mother from which the mind is born and, contaminated by the six passions and the karmic debris as well as the collective current day toxicity, that burdens us all. We will learn to embrace the mind as a loving Mother holds her child, clear and silent. Our intent is Freedom. A liberated state of receptivity to the present moment in the great dance of consciousness. Although pain is as natural as pleasure we can learn how our stresses often self-created generate an acidic blood Ph and bile in the tissues.

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The process of Tantra as alchemical transformation is to catch our habitual entrapments and widen our scope of consciousness, to re-establish trust in Self and others to move forward in Love, Harmony and Beauty with increasing awareness. Our real journey in life is interior, it is a matter of growth, deepening, and an ever greater surrender to the creative action of love and grace in our hearts.

Sometimes we need a catalyst, an activator, an initiator, a tantric, a little help from a spiritual ally.

sanatan numerology day number 30 january Sanatan numerology day number 30 january
sanatan numerology day number 30 january Sanatan numerology day number 30 january
sanatan numerology day number 30 january Sanatan numerology day number 30 january
sanatan numerology day number 30 january Sanatan numerology day number 30 january
sanatan numerology day number 30 january Sanatan numerology day number 30 january
sanatan numerology day number 30 january Sanatan numerology day number 30 january

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