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There are 15 tithis in one paksha. They are the following:. The science of astrology helps a person to make his life easier and peaceful in the face of an unknown future.

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Astrology gives a clue regarding the various experiences one may go through in life. Related Posts. Dashas and Dasha Periods September 23, September 23, Result of Gulika positioned in different houses September 19, September 19, Previous Article The importance of time in Astrology. Next Article Analogy of rashi zodiac signs.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. He has the capacity to go deep into any matter. Even though Bharani Nakshatra born will shine well in public life, he tends to face criticism and loss of wealth.

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He likes to command others and will always be eager to establish supremacy. He cannot march forward without hurdles and will have to face stiff competition, and in the run he quite often faces failures. For others, he may appear to be arrogant, but the truth is that he is pure hearted. His life is full of ups and downs. It is advisable that Bharani Nakshatra born should not involve in unnecessary arguments or competition.

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He will fight for certain principles which will ultimately lead him into trouble. He is fond of spreading rumors and wasting time by humors. As already mentioned above his life is full of ups and downs, there will not be any good or bad periods for long time. In short, ha has to face a life of mixture of good and bad always. He is quite capable of looking after others but he needs someone to look after him. Ultimately his beneficiary and friends turn against him.

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He cannot establish permanent relationship with anyone. After his 33 years of age there will be a positive change in his surroundings, in his life, and in his livelihood. He is fit for any type of work, particularly in administrative job, business, sports, music, art advertisement, automobile or restaurants. He can also be a good surgeon or a judge. He can be successful in the business of tobacco items or cultivation of tobacco. He will attain success in all undertakings provided he establishes or starts any activity by proceeding to the Eastern direction first and also if possible the place of activity or business may also be in the eastern side or eastern direction from his house.

Family life: Marriage comes around 27 years of age. They are fortunate in conjugal bliss.

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His companion will be expert in household administration and well behaved. He will cause the death of his father if birth is in the 1st or 2nd quarter of Bharani Nakshatra.

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His wife must save money for a rainy day as he makes some impulsive purchases, whether there is money left for other purposes or not. He loves his family.

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He dislikes being away from his family members even for a day. Health: While he does not take care of his health, there won't be any serious health problems. Main possible diseases are dental problems, diabetes and severe body pain, affections of brain, high fever, apoplexy, ring worms and malaria. Normally he is a very poor eater. He believes in the principle of 'eating to live and living to eat'. He is afraid of water and as is the thought, he should be careful while traveling through water, taking bath in rivers, oceans and ponds. Injury in the forehead and just around the eyes can take place. Since he is a chain smoker he has to be careful about his lung. She will have white teeth, but not in proper arrangement. Bharani Female Characteristics and general events: She will possess a clean, admirable and modest character.

Family Life: Marriage comes around her 23rd years of age. She will have an upper hand in all matters and she will behave like a commander.

astrology articles in telugu Astrology articles in telugu
astrology articles in telugu Astrology articles in telugu
astrology articles in telugu Astrology articles in telugu
astrology articles in telugu Astrology articles in telugu
astrology articles in telugu Astrology articles in telugu
astrology articles in telugu Astrology articles in telugu
astrology articles in telugu Astrology articles in telugu
astrology articles in telugu Astrology articles in telugu

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